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QueCentric is your single source for FileMaker development and volume licensing solutions. We can help your organization take advantage of the various FileMaker license models available to ensure your software is always up to date and taking advantage of the latest features.

  • Volume licenses start with just five software seats
  • We offer deep discounts for non-profit and educational customers
  • Include software maintenance to keep your product up to date

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FileMaker Product Line
FileMaker Pro

What is it: FileMaker Pro is the newest version of the leading easy-to-use database software for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.

Who uses it: Individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and corporate workgroups.

What is it used for: FileMaker Pro helps you and your team get any task done faster. Build a custom solution or use one of the many Starter Solutions included in the product to help you with tasks including contact management, inventory, project tracking, invoices and more.

FileMaker Pro Advanced

What is it: FileMaker Pro Advanced includes all the features of FileMaker Pro plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools.

Who uses it: People who want more tools to help them design and maintain customized databases for themselves or their team.

What it is used for: FileMaker Pro Advanced is used to build more powerful and customized databases faster with ease.

FileMaker Server

What is it: FileMaker Server is the newest version of the fast, reliable, easy-to-use server software for groups of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go users over a network or on the web.

What does it do: FileMaker Server lets you share your databases with unrivaled availability, security, and performance.

When should you use it: When you want secure, reliable sharing or you have more than 5 FileMaker Pro users. FileMaker Server allows up to 250 FileMaker Pro clients to access the same database simultaneously.

Volume License Options

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